Saturday, December 4, 2010

"He's A Wimp! A Wimp Married To A Scary Black Woman!"

It's the Day's Day of Days! Because so help me Jesus.

Muir is the typical white blowhard, and thus he believes that bluster and boasting are the signs of courage and manliness. As Obama lacks this, Muir is certain he's a total wimp, that Muir could take him easy! And Sarah Palin, the woman who lacked the fortitude to finish a single term as governor of Alaska clearly has courage in spades! And Michelle Obama is scary!

Yeah. I really don't like Muir, you know. He gives me lots of reason to not like him.


  1. So wearing a bicycle helmet is a sign of wimpiness, huh? Chris Muir has the same concept of masculinity as a 12-year old boy. Difference being, the boy might yet grow out of it.

  2. Oh, yeah. Muir seems stuck in the early years of adolescence on a lot of issues.