Friday, December 17, 2010

Umm... You Mean After Eight Years...

It's the Day's Day of Days! Because Martha my dear.

This is more evidence that Muir has magically forgotten the Bush II years happened. But then, they don't count as boomers. They understood that America was great, and that wars were great, and that the rich are just better! The way all real Americans do!


  1. Funny - Less than a week after seeing her for the first time, I'd forgotten that Cleavage McGee there in the second panel was supposed to be a foreigner. That tends to happen when all your characters talk the same way. One of the most common complaints lodged against webcomics is that the characters - regardless of age, background or personality - all have the same "voice." Here's a perfect example: Every character in DBD has Chris Muir's voice.

  2. Actually, that's Jan. I think. Who is supposed to be... Portugese-American. (Don't ask. Just--don't ask.) But Muir's female characters all look about the same--the hair and the chin are the only way to tell them apart--sometimes, you get some little accessory like Jan's glasses to help. Add that to the fact that, as you note, they all have about the same voice, and it can get tough to tell them apart at times.