Sunday, December 3, 2017

"All is Well! Euphoric Even!"

It's the Day's Day of Days!  Because give me steam.

Sure, it takes cherry-picking your facts and mixing in even more lies than usual to tell yourself things are going well--but damn it, Muir is getting the glorious fake joy of watching his opponents suffer, even if it means suffering himself.  Surely that is all to the good, right?


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  2. "Obama OK'd Russian talks"? What...? Just...what? What in the WORLD is he referring to? I have noidea what he thinks he's talking about. What is that even supposed to mean? Obama "OK'd" talks between who and who? What people? What context? What circumstances? Where is he parroting this from? (No orange arrow link thingy today...)

    It makes absolutely no sense in and of itself. Is he trying to imply that Obama "Ok'd" talks between Russian diplomats and a presidential campaign? What does he think he's saying?

    I don't know if it indicates something wrong with me or something wrong with Muir, but somehow I never lose the ability to be left shocked at what I just read. My mind is always left reeling, trying to wrap itself around the sheer absurdity of what it's been presented with. I have no idea why I still have the capacity to be surprised by anything he writes, but somehow it just keeps on happening.

  3. It's something wrong with Muir. As I often joke, I think Jack Daniels is taking an ever-increasing role as co-author. When I peak at "Redvolution", I get pretty damn sure of it.

  4. I just checked it out for the first time the other day. It's as much of a mindrape so far as I'd have imagined it is. (Although I reluctantly admit that the October 27th installment wasn't unpleasant viewing.)

    I've since learned that apparently what was being referred to was the claim that what Obama "OK'd" was for Flynn to speak with Kislyak. And...what was the source for this, according to GatewayPundit and the other places echoing this story?
    The White House.


    1. Muir is a pretty interesting glance into the crazier portions of the wingnut sphere, and gives you an idea of how crazy stories circulating there have collided with weird viewpoints and mutated further.

    2. It's a contradiction I've never been able to get my head around----Muir is obviously very intelligent, yet somehow he's also amazingly credulous. He seems to believe literally ANYTHING he reads in the wingnutosphere, no matter how outlandish it is.

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