Monday, December 4, 2017

"Oh, And Here's Your Copy Of 'Camp of the Saints'! You Should Read It! It's AWESOME!"

It's the Day's Day of Days!  Because send me on my way.

Because remember--even though we enter a new golden age of racism in the US, the rest of the world continues to collapse into violent anarchy.  Muir knows this to be true, without ever really seeing it.

He uses better things than mere logic and reason.


  1. It looks like this could get very, very gross.

  2. (I wonder if Muir's living situation is anything like his characters'. If so, he wouldn't be the first hardcore wingnut webcomicker to seal himself off in an isolated compound. Did you ever come across Zack Rawsthorne's "Diversity Lane"?)

    1. Heard of it, but never really checked it out. That stated, Muir is--so far as I can tell--still living in Florida. His cast is living his dream life, which is so, so very sad.

  3. It ended in mid 2012, but "Diversity Lane" is the only thing I've ever encountered that can described using only one word:

    If nothing else can be said for Muir, at least his brand of lunacy is unique. Rawsthorne takes the hackiest collection of laziest right-wing hack clichés and filters them in cartoon form through this family of strawmen (mostly strawwomen) in such a simpleminded and childish way that it's difficult to reconcile it with the fact that he isn't a precocious 7th grader.

    The shame of it is that his artwork is gorgeous. Rarely has such exquisite, even beautiful rendering been done in the service of something so crass and ugly.