Saturday, December 23, 2017

"My Epic Manspreading Shall Keep Me Pure!"

It's the Day's Day of Days!  Because Little Nemo.

You know, there's something in the drawing that almost makes you wonder if Muir realizes, on some level that he's trying to play up the moral purity of one of the most putrid people in the US who isn't in prison. 

Then again, it could just be the standard Muir incompetence.

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  1. All through this year, whenever there's been a long lull between appearances of Muir-world Trump, I've started to wonder if Muir has, at the very minimum, started to shed the preposterous belief that Trump is a skillful manipulator who is always three steps ahead of everyone else (you know--the whole "fourth-dimensional chess" thing). And every time, he disappoints me by writing another Trump scene showing that he still believes this as fervently as ever.

    Of all the Trumpites' delusions about the man, I think this may be the most unhinged of them all. With the exception of those who convinced themselves that Michelle Obama is fat, I am hard-pressed to think of any delusions so massively in conflict with stark, bland reality.