Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"Bring Bloodshed To The Streets, That's What I Always Say!"

It's the Day's Day of Days!  Because scientific quotations.

You know, as awful as this is, I can't feel worried for any of the cast's children, as the demonspawn doubtless have Village of the Damned type powers...


  1. No seriously, CAN she take that Europe? How would that get through airport security?

    Re: the kids----Muir is hardly alone in this, but he's guilty of the writer's sin of using the cast's children almost exclusively as props. It's something that's always irritated me, regardless of where it pops up.
    Javier does, at least, have an actual characteristic assigned to him, what with being a tech genius and all, but he's still almost a complete cipher.

  2. Some of it is the simple fact that Muir is terrible at drawing them, and so tries to avoid it. But yes, they are simply symbols of how the cast are awesome and successful.

    As for how they can carry those guns, the Deus Ex Machina abilities of Jan's magical billionaire father.